Your premises is likely classified for specific use and if you intend to make alterations with a view to changing the use class, it is vital that you establish whether you are required to submit a Change of Use application to your local planning authority. 

It is best to investigate this at the earliest stages of your business planning to avoid any unwanted surprises. We can advise businesses on whether their proposed ‘Change of Use’ will require an application and if so, we will work with you on all aspects of the application process, preparing and submitting it on your behalf.

Similarly any construction or refurbishment plans you may have for the premises could also potentially require an application to your Local Authority for planning and/or building regulations approval. We undertake all aspects of this, working with you from the earliest stages to identify the needs of the project and any sensitivities that are likely to impact on your application. We can liaise with the Local Authority on your behalf, enabling us to take into account their views on your proposed project, thus allowing us to submit an application that has the strongest likelihood of gaining approval.

We pride ourselves on having established good working relationships with over 153 Local Authorities and are experienced in matters concerning Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and Areas/Buildings of Special Interest.

As well as producing drawings to support applications for new projects, we can also produce ‘as-built’ drawings to support retrospective applications when attempting to secure planning/building regulations approval on work that has already been carried out.
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