Care Plus is a unique solution aimed at clients who want to manage their own project but require support from knowledgeable construction specialists to avoid costly mistakes.  We have formed this package around the needs of our clients, incorporating the most important parts of a project management package but at an affordable price.  

“Builders don’t need qualifications to build extensions and as such it is difficult to know who you can trust.”  

Our team are fortunate enough to include construction specialists from multiple areas within the industry. Because of this we can easily tell if your builders are cutting corners or charging you too much.  From vetting quotes, construction companies and contracts to providing on site checks you can be sure that Care Plus gives you the confidence you need to self-manage your project. 

What our standard care plus project includes:

  • Quote vetting up to 4 quotes   
  • Company vetting up to 3 companies
  • Review of contracts and payment terms
  • Pre-Construction meeting with Builders
  • Progress quality checks meetings during construction
  • Post- Construction snagging check
  • Preparation of snagging list.
  • Final site meeting to agree sign off.  
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